2017 Alumni Weekend Schedule

Schedule of Events

Friday, April 28th
3:00PM Kick-Around (Bird's Nest)
7:00PM Men & Women's Alumni Dinner (Southern Hospitality, 13021 Bass Pro Dr, 80921)

Saturday, April 29th
9:00AM Women's Alumni vs Varsity Game (Bird's Nest)
11:00AM Men's Alumni Meeting (Press Box)
12:00PM Men's Alumni vs Varsity Game (Bird's Nest)
2:30PM Color Cup
5:00PM Catered Dinner & Awards Presentation (Lawrence Paul Pavilion)

Sunday, April 30th
8:00AM Golf Tourney (Eisenhower GC (Silver Course))
2:00PM Ball Toss

Additional Notes

* You will pay Southern Hospitality for Dinner on Friday Night
* Total cost for dinner at Lawrence Paul Pavilion is $15 per person
* We'll be accepting cash (preferred), check, or you can pay via Square Cash


Welcome to Alumni Weekend 2016

Just a collection of all the memories leading up to this year's Alumni Weekend!

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Support Coach Sagastume at Alumni Weekend

Support Coach Sagastume at Alumni Weekend

Come out and help fundraise this Alumni Weekend fundraise for Coach Sagastume's '02 and '03 Pride Soccer Teams, as they look to embark on an international mission and soccer trip to Guatemala at the end of July. This trip will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for these boys and will allow them to develop as people and players. 

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Get AFASA Apparel and Gear Online

Get AFASA Apparel and Gear Online

The AFASA Online Store is now open. Get all the latest AFASA apparel! Our goal is to bring you high quality apparel and other gear at exceptional prices. We worked hard to negotiate discounted prices with vendors so that we could provide you with AFASA-labeled apparel at a great price while still generating some revenue to donate back into our men's soccer program.

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2014 Alumni Weekend Schedule


It's finally here...the long awaited schedule for the 2014 Alumni Weekend. Of course, times may to fluctuate a bit (with the exception of the retirement).

Fri - 2/May/2014

  • 1530-1830 - Coach Buckley retirement at the Falcon Stadium Press Box (see details below)
  • 1530 - Kick-around at the stadium for those not attending the retirement (see Doug Hill)
  • 1900ish - Meet at Old Chicago's on Woodmen

Sat - 3/May/2014

  • 0900 - Breakfast (on your own) 
  • 1100ish - Annual Alumni Meeting in press box
  • 1200 - Alumni vs Varsity kickoff
  • 1400 - Color Cup
  • 1500 - Cup Finals
  • 1600ish - Lawrence Paul for BBQ and Awards

Sun - 4/May/2014

  • 0800 - Tee times!
  • ???? - Ball toss sometime thereafter

Buckley Retirement Details:

Please Join us as we say Aloha to Coach Buckley and offer best wishes on his Retirement after 28 years here at USAFA.  Coach Buckley and his wife invite you to attend the retirement at the Falcon Stadium Press Box on 2 May 2014 from 1530-1830, there will be plenty of food and beverages.  

2014 Alumni Weekend Update!

Alumni Weekend Spring 2014 – May 2nd-4th!!

2014 Alumni Weekend Update: If you were on the fence or considering not coming (I don't know why there's any choice), time to re-evaluate, complete the checklist, and show up!

Marty Buckley is having his retirement from the Air Force Academy this weekend after 27 years in the Athletic Department. This will be his last Alumni Weekend as a Colorado native. He will be moving to Chico, CA in the summer. This should be one heck of a party. You won't want to miss this one. The traditional kick around on Friday will be replaced by the official ceremony in the FAC (gym conference room). More details to follow.

Remember to join our facebook AFASS group.

Cheers! See you all in May!


2014 Alumni Weekend Dates

Alumni Weekend Spring 2014 – May 2nd-4th!!

For all you alums who don’t have facebook or aren’t in the AFASS group, it's that time of year again. 


1) Apply for leave (if in the military) or schedule time off for those of you who have "real" jobs

2) Realize that you should have started running before the last Alumni Weekend to prepare for this one

3) Tell your significant other that you're leaving to go to Eden East for a few days

4) Book a room at hotel del la Jonesy (or stay with Burgs if you dare)

5) Oh yea, book that flight or rent a car

Cheers! See you this May!



2013 Fall Alumni Weekend Dates and Schedule

The primary POC for the 2013 Fall Alumni Weekend is Brian Moore '89. Please direct questions directly to him! I will unfortunately not be able to attend this fall, but it looks like an excellent schedule. Go Birds! -Terry '02

From Brian:

I hope this email greets you and your families doing well!  We just wanted to get out some information regarding the Fall Soccer Alumni weekend. 

RSVP to comashell [at] gmail.com as soon as you are able.

Basic game plan is shown below:

6-8 Sep 2013

6 Sep, Fri:

- Time TBD - Evening Social, Location TBD (either the patio at Colorado Mtn Brewery or cater something simple into Foster's backyard)

7 Sep, Sat:

- 1100 - Football Tailgate - Details TBD (hopefully in conjunction with Athletic Dept; would cost approx $10 per person or $20 per family)

- 1330 - Football game - Utah St - kickoff (tickets $10 - $15 sitting as a group; continuing to tailgate outside - priceless!)

- 1730 - Pre Soccer Game Tailgate (thoughts about having an Army-Air Force joint tailgate)

- 1900 - USAF Men vs Army - beat down of Army @ Cadet soccer field

- Post-Game - On your own

8 Sep, Sun:

- 0800 - Golf Tourney as usual (show time)

As always, send correct contact information to afaalum [at] gmail.com.

2013 Alumni Weekend Dates

Alumni Weekend Spring 2013 – May 3rd-5th!!

For all you people who don’t have facebook or aren’t in the AFASS group.

1) ask for leave from work (if in the military)
2) start buying your significant other gifts (everyone)
3) quit your job (if not in the military)
4) organize a bake sale (if you need $ for a flight)
5) e-mail Jonesy to see if he has room on his floor (everyone)
6) start running to get in shape (start on May 1st)

Cheers! See you this May!



2012 Alumni Weekend: A Brief Recap and a Few Pics

Alumni and Varsity

Recap: Alumni vs Varsity: 4-3 - Alumni goals by Ben Chavez (2) and Johnny Melcher (2) - Varsity goals by Garrett Getschow (2) and Alex Frazier (1)

Color Cup: Silver Silver Boot: Johnny Melcher Bloody Guard: Jason Belvill Powder Blue: Jared Gomez

Another great weekend this year. Highlights of the weekend included an emotional Pat McKenna, Cast Away Dan Walsh, Dan Walsh as Brandi Chastain, Titanic star Kate (I mean) Jason Belvill, Friend and G Walsh in the Women's restroom, and Jamie Burgener. Of course the weekend began with the traditional kick around at the Bird's Nest. The seniors delivered the beer (although Bud Light and Coors were the highlights) and it started at 1500 sharp. Doug Hill is running a tight ship these days. Several of the Alums were missing in action as they were still refining their strokes for the golf scramble on Sunday. Nonetheless, the Alums that showed were reminded of the lack of oxygen at 7,258 feet. After the kick around, everyone met up at the Colorado Mountain Brewery for the start of the evening. A shout out to the folks over at the CMB for putting up with about 110 alums instead of 50 that the reservation was made for (talk to DDub about this one). I do believe that we occupied the entire bar most of the evening. Somehow everyone managed to escape even with the shenanigans of Burgener. The stories for remainder of the evening shall go unpublished.

The next morning, the typical meeting started sharply at the unscheduled time of 1130ish. Not to fear though, the alumni fielded a strong team guided by the Guatemalan wisdom of Coach Lou Sagastume. Warm-up was an interesting mix of hangovers and hairstyles and some interesting stretching. Kick off began at the height of the day and the Varsity looked on form. The Alumni on the field were getting into the flow while the Alumni bench was in excellent form hugging the touchline with constant banter. Less than 15 min in, the Varsity found themselves up a goal scored by Garret Getschow. Hill promptly delivered the AED to the Sagastume bench...challenge extended. Fortunately, the Alumni answered several minutes later with a fantastic finish by Ben Chavez ('12). We're all still wondering how this new Alum even made it to the game, but the Alumni were celebrating. AED delivered back to the Varsity...challenge accepted. At this point I don't remember the order events but they can be summed up with another goal from the Varsity's Getschow, I believe a missed Varsity PK, and a fantastic goal from the young Johnny Melcher ('12). I think this brought us to halftime where a Miss Lexie Friend had a birthday and Referee Clark was honored by Brandi Chastain (a.k.a. Danny Walsh). Yes, he really did that. Go ahead and stare at that picture again. Wow.


The second half brought more fine play by both the Varsity and the Alumni. Jared Gomez had an unfortunate unathletic and unmarked stumbling shot that might have made it close to the Varsity goal (I'm trying to be nice here) which he probably regrets now. Alex Frazier of the Varsity put them up for a few moments. But then, Melcher captured the prized silver boot with a cracker of a free kick from 25 out hitting the V. I'm sure the fake attempt by Kip Kiefer threw everyone off (including the Alumni sideline and one Varsity wall member). Throughout the game the Alumni defense was pretty solid with rock solid goalkeeping in the back. Much of the hard defense can be single-handedly accredited to Jason Belvill with stunning and unorthodox tackles (thanks for not injuring the Varsity). Chavez scored another late goal to seal the win for the Alumni. Final score through all my rambling was 4-3 Alumni. The Varsity played well and the Alumni were impressed with their play. The fellas should do well this coming year.

Now, onto the real games. The Color Cup saw a Blue vs Yellow and a Red vs Gray semi-final. I don't know many of the details of these games although I heard the Blue-Yellow match was a nail-biter with a Blue goal coming very, very late to put them through to the Finals. The Red-Gray match was also close with Gray scoring two questionably offsides goals and Red battle back to tie the match and send it to kicks. Unfortunately, Gray was able to move into the Finals after 7 or 8 kicks from the mark. Unfortunate. The final was a top-notch battle with few chances and solid defense. Then, late in the second, Ben Mackey took a wonderful dive (this, of course, is debatable) and Gray netted the winner. Congrats to Silver for their first Cup in a long while.

Official Saturday events ended with a recap of the day's events and a tribute to Pat McKenna. I'll post the video on youtube one of these days. If you can't find it, then you'll just have to make it to the next weekend and I'm sure G Walsh or Pat has a copy lying around. The Color Cup was awarded to Silver. Johnny Melcher was awarded the Silver Boot. Jason Belvill took home the Bloody Guard. And, Jared Gomez donned the legendary Powder Blue. The stories of the rest of the evening shall again remain unpublished.

Sunday saw the Annual Golf Scramble and Ball Toss. I'm going to let the pictures tell the story here, as I'm tired of writing... Overall, great weekend. If you missed it this year plan to be there in 2013. We're looking at the Fall Alumni Weekend to be in Sept/Oct and we'll get that out as soon as we know.

A few pics are below and the rest of the pics are on our Flickr site: AW2012. Download whatever you'd like (here's a video how to download from flickr). A special thanks to John and Marie Welliver to taking most of the shots!

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