2011 Fall Alumni Weekend

Birds! Question: What starts with an "A" and rhymes with awesome? Answer: AF Fall Alumni.

This fall, we are going to host alumni weekend the weekend of the 4-6 Nov 2011! We have a night game against Denver at 6 PM Friday the 4th, and on the 5th, the Football team takes on Army. We will plan on doing a tail-gate for both events. We don't have the funding to get Football tickets for everyone, but I will look into get a block of tickets.

The Birds are 6-2, and looking good! They open up conference play at home next weekend with games against UNLV (7 PM, Oct 7th), and New Mexico (1 PM, Oct 9th). Lets get a large contingent for these games as well! We can use this as an alumni warm up, testing how much we can heckle before getting booted out of the stadium. The first 20 attendees will get a free hand-shake and smile from Brandon Jones ('02).

There was some conversations about alumni falling on next weekend, however, I don't believe it had been communicated to the masses. To enable those traveling more time for tickets, we are setting the date to the 4-6 Nov. Hopefully this has not ruined any plans. If so, please send an e-mail to Terry Welliver ('02) or Dan Walsh ('04): afaalum at gmail dot com.

If you plan on coming to the Football game, let me know how many people are with your party.

Hope everything in life is going well, and people can still juggle a soccer ball at least 7 times. Feel free to contact me with any issues/questions.


Dan Walsh ('04)