Get AFASA Apparel and Gear Online

The AFASA Online Store is now open. Get all the latest AFASA apparel! Our goal is to bring you high quality apparel and other gear at exceptional prices. We worked hard to negotiate discounted prices with vendors so that we could provide you with AFASA-labeled apparel at a great price while still generating some revenue to donate back into our men's soccer program.

We've chosen to use Square (a.k.a., SquareUp) as the platform for our online and physical store front because the credit card rate is a mere 2.75% per swipe (which AFASA is absorbing the cost to you). Every purchase has an additional $5.99 shipping and handling fee (USPS Priority Mail). For additional product views (e.g., detail, side, and back), please visit our Squareup MarketplaceYou can purchase product from the store on our site or from the marketplace.

A note on inventory: We were able to sell tons of gear over the weekend but there are some items still in stock. Get them while you can. We're currently evaluating on which items we'll be restocking and will update you when those items are back in stock. If you can't find apparel that fits, be sure to grab the essentials, a new coin and scarf!