2015 Fall Alumni Weekend Itinerary [UPDATE]

The itinerary has been set for the the Fall Alumni Weekend. We hope to see you there to support the team as they take on Army on Saturday at 6PM

If you plan to attend any or all of these events PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS PAGE with the following:

  1. If attending the Friday dinner at Cheddar's Casual Cafe - # of family members joining you
  2. If playing in the Saturday golf tourney - additional family member(s) that will be playing
  3. If attending the Saturday AFASA Tailgate - # of family members attending

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Friday, 28 Aug

6pm - 10pm
Cheddar's Casual Cafe
1140 Interquest Parkway, 80921

Everyone will order dinner/drinks with the restaurant staff and pay individually.

Saturday, 29 Aug

If you're going to play in the golf tourney and do not have a Civilian / Military CAC, reservist or retiree ID, you'll need to get a ride onto base as the Academy is closed to "visitors" in the morning.  Please let Brandon know if you can't find a ride onto the base and he'll sort you out.

8am - 9am
Meet at Golf Course, Pay for Round, Warm-Up

9am - 2pm
Golf Tourney

9:14am          Tee Time #1
9:22am          Tee Time #2
9:30am          Tee Time #3
9:38am          Tee Time #4
9:46am          Tee Time #5

2pm - 4pm
Ball Toss

4pm - 6pm
AFASA Tailgate
(SE Corner Parking Lot of Bird's Nest)

UPDATE: We will be merging our tailgate with the parents of the current AFA players and the West Point team.  Rudy's BBQ will be catered for the tailgate.  Price is $10 per person.  Please pay Brandon Jones or Jeremiah Kirschman when you arrive at the tailgate (cash, check, or SquareCash).  Beverages (non-alcoholic / alcoholic) will be provided courtesy of our AFA Soccer Alumni Association.

6pm - 8pm
AFA vs Army 

Dinner / Drinks (Location TBD)

Sunday, 30 Aug

(We'll make a game time decision pending interest)



Make sure to check out the complete 2015 AFA Men's Soccer Schedule and support the team when you can.