2012 Alumni Weekend Schedule

Friday – 27 April1500: Kick around at the Bird's Nest...Seniors will bring refreshments! 1830 'til Ole leaves 0030?: Drinks and Dinner at Colorado Mountain Brewery = Get Directions Here or take I-25 to Interquest (for the old, guys 1/2 way between the north and south gate of the Academy East of I-25 and you can take the visual approach with the nice weather we will have if you are of the pilot type). 2230: Men’s soccer team back to the AFA dorms (sorry Burgs no more designated frosh drivers)...Ole said he would give you a ride or Buck?

Saturday - 28 April 0900: Breakfast with Motrin on your own (although you would think the training room could sponsor this) 1045: Alumni Meeting in press box 1130: Alum warms up in white jersey 1200: KICK OFF Alumni (searching for that silver boot winner but don’t get the powder blue) Get your line up from Coach Lou Sagastume -- help him out and remind him the year you graduated so he knows how much time to give you Varsity will be in blue ready to go! 1400: Color Cup 1500: Cup Finals 1615ish: LAWERENCE PAUL FOR BBQ AND ALUMNI AWARDS (On Campus - West of the chapel)

Sunday - 29 April 0800: Golf (Eisenhower for golf on Blue Course) – 10 tee times and will have the traditional tee off with hecklers allowed on tee # 1 (KORPACK PROMISED HE WOULD DRIVE THE GREEN WITH THE SOCCER COLARED GOLF BALL or buy the first round…make sure you show for this big hit!

Start Planning for Alumni Weekend 2012

I hope the new year is treating all you Birds well. The new VP and I have coordinate with Coach Hill and Alumni Weekend 2012 will be held during the last weekend in April. The change from the normal first weekend in May is due to scheduling conflicts with the team. A more detailed schedule will be posted sometime in February, but we'd like to give you a head start on searching for tickets. Start planning to bring it! What: Alumni Weekend 2012 Where: USAF Academy When: 27-29 April 2012

Basic Schedule: 27 April - Kick Around 28 April - Alumni vs Varsity, Color Cup 29 April - Tee Time

'02 No Limits - Go Red!

el Pres.